Useless Beauty?

I still remember vividly what I felt, the overwhelming sense of the vastness of the body of water. The magnificence of its depth and the mystery that lies beyond. I was taken by the sound of the crashing waves, then the sudden calmness as the white foam slowly chases after my bare toes in the sand. There’s a tone of seagull’s joyful shouts echoed in the background making the perfect soundtrack to what I am seeing. I remember the radiant beams from the sun massaging my back as I extended my arms straight out with my palms facing the sky, head up, eyes closed, breathing in a deep breath saying to myself…”I   M U S T   L I V E   H E R E” I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I just know why. I must live near the ocean…because the ocean….it moves me.

After 8+ years of my life here in Southern California, here I sit once again, right in front of the perfect picture that’s been painted, still in awe of its beauty and I can’t help but to adore the creator, the maker and the lover of my soul.

There’s nothing more to be gained, used or practically applied to by what I am seeing nor experiencing right now of this beauty before me as I naturally try to turn everything I see, feel and experience into a life lesson which can be applied for a practical outcome. I don’t need to do that, I just want to be. To be in the presence of the living God. To just be…to be adored and to adore and just to sit quietly listening to His voice. It’s a great place to be.

I am reminded through the message spoken through Skye Jethani, “Not everything in this world is created to be useful, not everything in this world is measured against its practical outcome. Somethings exist just to be adored, somethings exist to be valued, not because what we get from them, but simply because the beauty of its existence”.

I will choose to find beauty all around as I live my life. I will choose to find beauty in the people I meet and do life with. I will choose to find beauty in myself even as a flawed individual. And I will choose to find beauty in the people that the world deems “invaluable.” Just simply because God created all of us in His image of….beauty.

Hanju is the owner of BOS Marketing Group, a digital marketing, consulting and creative agency in Orange County, CA. Hanju has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to inspire, teach and resource their vision to help become a reality. He also loves anything outdoors, he prefers fancy restaurants with outdoor seating…like McDonalds.

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