Birds of the Air

Something must have happened…maybe a loud bang or a strong wind. Whatever it was, it triggered their flight…not just one, but hundreds of them, all at the same time. It was an unusually scene, especially around our neighborhood. There’s no wide open space with greenery growing all around or a large body of water…but surrounded by just houses, apartments, businesses and busy streets. I am not sure where all these birds came from nor what startled them to all of a sudden for them to wonder the skies.

Either way, I was in awe. In awe of just how many birds there were. As I watch closely their carefree flight, some just soaring above with their wings straight out, some just playfully flapping their wings…I can’t help but to wonder…how are all these birds fed? What do they eat everyday? How do they find their food? There are so many of them, what if their food source runs out? Hahaha! No, but seriously…how does this whole “circle of life” work for these birds? For a moment, I was seriously worried for them. Not sure why I was thinking that, maybe it’s just the state I am in too of uncertainty.

Isn’t it funny how our natural and practical minds work? We worry about the things that are out of our control and miss the freedom and peace of knowing that someone else is in control. Someone else who laid the earth’s foundation, someone else who gives orders to the morning and shown the dawn its place. Someone else who has seen the gates of the deepest darkness and comprehends the vast expanses of the earth. Someone else who satisfy the hunger of the lions and who provides food for the ravens…and someone else who feeds the birds of the air…they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, yet He feeds them. And He asks, are we not much more valuable than they?

I am at peace today and I will not worry for our God is that awesome, and He loves us more than we will ever comprehend.

Hanju is the owner of BOS Marketing Group, a digital marketing, consulting and creative agency in Orange County, CA. Hanju has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to inspire, teach and resource their vision to help become a reality. He also loves anything outdoors, he prefers fancy restaurants with outdoor seating…like McDonalds.

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