Compass Within Me

Call it whatever you want. Midlife, Halftime, Transition time…all I know is, I am in it! I guess this is where I realize that my life is half over. I can’t help but to reassess my first half and figure out how I am going to tackle the second half of my life. I’ve been in so many conversations with my fellow halftimers who’s going through much of the same. There’s a compass within us that’s pointing a direction to our destiny. Walk with me through this process. It’s gonna be a fun ride.

Hanju is the owner of BOS Marketing Group, a digital marketing, consulting and creative agency in Orange County, CA. Hanju has a passion for working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to inspire, teach and resource their vision to help become a reality. He also loves anything outdoors, he prefers fancy restaurants with outdoor seating…like McDonalds.

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